When is the best time to visit Bikaner?

Bikaner, a city in the northwest of Rajasthan state in India, is at a distance of approximately 335 km from the state capital, Jaipur. Because it is amid the Thar desert, you will feel extreme weather conditions throughout the year. Summers are hot and humid, while winters are cold. Even being cool, I would suggest to everyone that winter (from October to February) is the best time to visit Bikaner.

Summers (March to June)

Summers start by the mid of March. However, the temperature is bearable throughout March. It is the month of April when the mercury is boiling; hot winds and dust storms amplify tourist problems. Unless necessary, I would suggest you to avoid visiting Bikaner, especially from mid-May to June end.

Monsoon (July to September)

Even though Bikaner does not receive heavy rainfall, but the weather remains humid throughout the season. You can visit during this time, but it is not the best time to visit Bikaner, because rain could spoil your plan and force you to stay inside the hotel. If you are visiting in the Monsoon season, keep an umbrella with you.

Winter (November to February) – the best time to visit Bikaner

Most of the tourists visit Bikaner in winters because of its cold weather. There are a lot of tourist places to visit in Bikaner that are in outdoor and open areas; the cool breeze and beautiful evenings will make your day. The Bikaner Camel Festival is also conducted in January and is another reason for tourists visiting in the winter season.

The Tourism department of Rajasthan organizes the Camel Festival to show their love and devotion towards Camel, which is an animal that survived the harsh weather conditions and has tales for their bravery.

From camels to rats, you will find a lot of love and divine for the animals in the hearts of the people of Bikaner. This love for animals is one of the best things that attract many tourists to Bikaner every year.

Best time to visit Bikaner

Final words on the best time to visit Bikaner

The time from October to February is the best time to visit Bikaner and enjoy a glimpse of Rajasthan culture and the Camel Festival.

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