A weekend trip to Koti village resort – escape the monotonous life

After getting bored from the hectic life, I, along with my friends, decided to go to a hill station to overcome the monotony of routine life.

After deliberating on various options available to us, we decided to go to The Koti Village Resort, which is approximately 20kms away from Chail, Himachal Pradesh. Chail is on the best places to visit near Shimla and Chandigarh.

A beautiful view of stone cottage at the Koti Village Resort, Koti, Himachal Pradesh

The best part was the journey to Koti Resort. I always prefer to travel on time, so we set out early in the morning by road. The healthy weather and the high mountains were a real treat to our eyes. The mountain slopes covered with the tall and green trees, not only presented a mesmerizing view to the eyes but, the restive soul also.

The scenic view of Solan, Sadhu Pul, and Chail added to our curiosity about the place. We reached the resort in the afternoon. Everyone was thrilled to see the bright flowers, the clouds sailing across the sky, and the snow-clad peaks of the high mountains, that gave us an illusion as if we are in a different world.

The generous staff of the resort welcomed us to our marvelous stone cottages. The cottages were having all the facilities of a 3-star hotel.
After having our lunch and taking some rest, it was time for some adventures. The resort manager introduced us to the three instructors for our adventurous activities.

We trekked for about 500 meters and reached the place of our first activity, the Flying Fox. The instructors explained to us the activity and the safety measures involved in it. The Flying Fox activity had filled our hearts with joy and happiness. Then, we trekked again for around a kilometer for our next activities the Burma Bridge, Bamboo Walk, and Sloth Walk. These activities were very entertaining. After doing these activities we felt more energetic and enthusiastic.

In the evening we held a bonfire. Everyone looked afresh and in high spirits. We sang songs, laughed, danced, and cracked humorous jokes. The songs made the evening more cheerful for us. Snacks and hot drinks matching the weather were arranged by the Resort Manager. The evening looked like a festive evening. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
If you are fond of snow and hills then, this is one of the places to visit in India in January.

The memories of the Koti Village Resort are still afresh in our minds.

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